AWS managed services help control the AWS infrastructure and reduce its costs. A reliable AWS Select-Tier Partner, Webberstop can take over your AWS-based infrastructure to keep the AWS services and apps stable, expenses optimized, and changes implemented promptly.

Why Choose Webberstop as an AWS Managed Services Provider

Who Our AWS Managed Services Are Designed For

Non-IT enterprises

We keep the diversity of your IT components in mind and pay special attention to integrating your AWS services with on-premises ones. As a result, you achieve high customer satisfaction while keeping your bills on the point.

Software product companies

We know that the scalability of the IT infrastructure is critical. We keep this in mind and configure the services in a way that fosters your applications’ continuous evolution.

AWS Services We Cover

Webberstop covers the following AWS services:

Just Embarking on the AWS Migration Journey?

We can assist you in migrating your workload from the on-premises environment or any other hosting facility to AWS. We use proven methodologies, best practices, and tools to simplify and accelerate migration. Thus, you can unlock business opportunities associated with AWS faster.

Scope of Our AWS Managed Services

Webberstop offers end-to-end AWS managed services covering:

AWS administration and troubleshooting

Our certified AWS specialists apply their hands-on experience to:

  • Configure AWS services.
  • Ensure high availability of AWS services you use.
  • Properly configure the usage of your AWS resources.
  • Control data flow to and from AWS.
  • Regularly perform backups of the data stored in your AWS resources.
  • Resolve the issues resulting from improper service configurations, server overloads, and identify the root causes of the incidents with a thorough log investigation.

AWS administration and troubleshooting

Taking over your AWS infrastructure management, we are on the guard of its security and apply our expertise to:

  • Designing a secure network architecture.
  • Performing regular security monitoring.
  • Timely detecting network intrusions.
  • Providing security patches and updates.
  • Performing vulnerability scans and regular penetration testing.

AWS infrastructure monitoring 24/7

With the help of such monitoring tools as Amazon CloudWatch, Zabbix, Nagios, Webberstop’s team helps to predict and prevent issues at the early stages to avoid systems downtime, and provides you with regular detailed reports on your AWS-based IT infrastructure performance and resource utilization (e.g., CPU, memory, network utilization).

AWS usage optimization

Keeping in mind your business needs, we gather the details on your AWS infrastructure architecture design to further develop a strategy to right-size the AWS services you use, optimize your costs, and utilize available capacities more efficiently.

AWS infrastructure compliance

We regularly check the compliance of your AWS environment with relevant data privacy and security standards and frameworks, including HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, NIST 800. We can provide our customers with a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and a GDPR Data Processing Agreement (GPA).

AWS infrastructure evolution

Webberstop is ready to help you plan changes and expansions you need to implement in your AWS environment. We provide our assistance to improve your IT infrastructure in close collaboration with your in-house IT infrastructure management team or with the team of another vendor (possibly – within the DevOps approach), or with our own efforts. Our experts are eager to do their best to implement the planned changes avoiding downtime, and help your development and support teams adapt to the changed AWS environment as quickly and painlessly as possible.

How Much Will It Cost?

We are flexible in pricing and offer the following pricing models:

  • Fixed monthly fee based on the IT infrastructure specifics. Good for the predictable service scope, which is discovered during the transition phase. We include the costs of one-time activities in the monthly support budget and gradually introduce all process changes to avoid large one-time expenses.
  • Pay-per-use where a monthly fee is a percentage of a cloud provider’s monthly bill. The percentage depends on the volume of cloud resources consumed.

Cloud services are included in the service billing if purchased through Webberstop. We will be pleased to provide an estimate for you.

How Our AWS Managed Services Can Help You Reach Your Goals

To help you increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the AWS services you use, Webberstop focuses on delivering the following benefits:

  • We ensure regular consumption monitoring to improve resource utilization.
  • We properly tune scaling policies for AWS to achieve optimal behavior of the services.
  • We select the right instance types and storage classes to suit your application workloads.
  • We apply our mature ITSM processes and infrastructure as code (IaC) approach to reduce AWS administration costs.
  • We propose changes and improvements in your AWS-based applications to save on AWS services.
  • Due to the consolidated billing and affordable prices governed by SLA we offer, your expenses for AWS and Webberstop’s managed services stay within reasonable limits.
  • We self-manage the delivered services, and you can easily control the quality of our efforts based on KPIs and SLOs. We design a KPI system depending on our cooperation specificity.


  • Target budget for AWS services:
    • Budget spent
    • Over budget approved and spent (if any)
  • Target budget for Webberstop’s services:
    • Budget spent
    • Over budget approved and spent (if any)
    • Your employees’ time spent to handle Webberstop’s requests


  • Reliability (based on SLOs):
    • Service availability
    • Response time (median, 95th, 99th percentile or other agreed)
    • IT incidents (issues appeared in the AWS-based applications and services)
  • Changes (by business value and priority):
    • Delivered
    • Waiting in a backlog
  • We ensure a high level of failover automation for your AWS-based applications to protect your IT infrastructure against data loss.
  • We are ready either to collaborate with your in-house or another vendor’s team in providing monitoring of AWS services, or organize proper monitoring of your applications running on the top of AWS with our own efforts.

We align our efforts with the efforts of your IT team or third-party vendors to reduce significantly IT management efforts on your side. Here is a sample of an effective collaboration approach, which can be adjusted to your specific needs:

To achieve prompt and smooth implementation of changes within your AWS-based IT infrastructure, we apply our DevOps expertise, i.e. implement CI/CD pipeline, apply IaC approach, automate infrastructure configuration process, etc.

Step 1. Responsibility transition

  • We analyze your current IT situation considering your infrastructure architecture, AWS configurations, etc.
  • We interview your business and technical stakeholders to get information on the services subscribed, process descriptions, etc.
  • We prepare an SLA and agree on KPIs and SLOs (whether proposed by us or provided by you).
  • We take responsibility for managing your AWS-based applications and services.

Step 2. Service delivery

  • We provide AWS managed services described above.
  • We regularly analyze our results to check the quality of our AWS managed services and provide you with detailed reports (weekly and/or monthly) to ensure total transparency over our activities.

Step 3. Improvements

To regularly improve and optimize your AWS-based IT environment performance and reliability, we provide proposals on possible process improvements quarterly.